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How to get Center Image Firefox Viewer in Google Chrome

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In google Chrome the Images seen in left side which is sticky to that side.Center Image Is free Browser Extension for Google chrome Web Browser this Changes the design of the browser’s image viewer to that firefox web browser.

Normally in Google Chrome display the image in white background and image is postined in left side corner which is default settings.

Center Image:

Center image changes the default image viewer of google chrome browser to that of the Firefox Browser.

The two Screenshots highlighted the difference in layout.

Default chrome web browser layout:


center image for google chrome extension-before

After Installing Center Image Browser Extension:

center image for google chrome extension

On second Screenshot the Image Change to Center and Background to White color.

Caveat:Due to Google Chrome’s Broken permission model,the extension requires access to any site that gets opened in browser.But he author limited this to image like url’s,But the installation dialogue does not reflect choice.

Final words::

If you are viewing images  in Google chrome Browser regularly.and if you like to change the Default image viewer then Go for this Chrome Extension.


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