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How to Speed up Apple Watch Respond and Reduce lag

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Apple Watch Now has became unavoidable to Gadgets Users apart from this it able to perform many tasks on its Own.this is the main reason why people constantly wear this smart device.

While the Smart watch had beautiful animations of different apps,Apple Watch lags in responding taps of uses.We can fix the issue by simply toggling Reduction Motion ON.

Many pro users are likely to install many apps on watch.This Adds more animations on device which is main reason of slow down ┬áwhile you are doing something on smart watch. In apple watch you can Manage these animations to speed up your smart device ­čśë

You can easily Turn off animations on your apple Watch and Make it faster to respond.You have two ways to Turn off this Animation in u’r smart watch.

How to Speed up Apple Watch Respond and Reduce lag

From Your iPhone:

Simply follow steps below !

#1 Step:Launch Apple watch on your iPhone then Tap on My Watch>Tap on General

#2 Step:Click on Accessibility

#3 Step: See the Option :Reduce Motion

#4 Step: Toggle Reduce Motion ON

This will defiantly fast up your Smart Watch.

From your Apple Watch:

#1 Step: Open Setting app on your Watch

#2 Step: Click on General

#3 Step: Click on Accessibility 

#4 step:Toggle Reduce Motion ON

That’s it Your Apple Smart watch should start performing better and this trick on reduce Motion will adds some more Battery life to smart watch Because of reason of minimizing stress on processing animations ­čśë Thank you Guys.


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